Programmable Counter Meter - RS485

Programmable Counter


ATSPROV1 is a refined new generation counter with dual line 6 digit LED display. ATSPROV1 can be used for all types of counting methods i.e. Diameter based counting, Pulse Counting, Any specific calculation(fully customize), Rate indicator, Batch counting. It has mode selection option for various machine production counting application. We also offer GSM based remote data monitoring for all meters. We provide android as well as apple application for monitor production of particular machine including average speed and runtime.

ATSPROV1 enables to count production of Rapier Loom Machine, Knitting Loom Machine, Stenter Machine, Folding Machine, Printing Machine Pouch Packaging Machine, Lamination Machine, Slitter Machine, Coating Machine, Embroidery Machine etc.

Download PDF : Programmable Counter